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I wanted to also give thanks to the Admin and Team for all the hard work put into making Plexguide. This site, the step-by-steps have really helped me out immensely with learning more about media servers in general. Thank you for all the hard work and I hope that development continues to grow and create more integration with day to day applications we all use.
Hey, does the openvpn conf apply to rutorrent too? Also how do I configure nordVPN with open vpn, when I checked the guide from nordvpn support, it showed I should download a .ovpn file, then create a additional conf.txt and store my username/password there. Where do I place this .ovpn file and point openvpn to use it.
Hey mate

Well the content of your .ovpn file needs to replace most of the content in the client.conf. You can replace the hole content of the client.conf with the content of your file and add the following lines to it:

auth-user-pass /config/vpn/vpn.auth

up /usr/bin/up.sh
down /usr/bin/down.sh

log-append /config/vpn/openvpn.log