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Invites WtF[nZb] - Beta testing!


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how do we reset our password? seems I didn't save mine...
Impossible to reset password, its encrypted many times with added salts, if you loose it we can not help.

would be awesome if somebody could share how to make use of the api in radarr/nzbhydra
There is rss working with sabnzbd

rss/api working with browser basic auth so maybe contact radarr/nzbhydra developers? anyway its still BETA v2 so be patient...


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Another update :)

https://community.wtfnzb.pw/ - Here at our community you can discuss about latest games, movies, music & more and even request NZB upload & re-upload.

How to register?

There is no need to "register", just when posting a topic or reply enter the same [email protected] in Pseudo field as your user in wtfnzb.pw, password does not need to be the same, it can be anything you like!

Remember the password, save it somewhere!
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New user interface with correct RSS / API for apps, faster search and pagination

We also add almost all English, German, Nordic, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish releases ...

Stay tuned and here's a quick preview:



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looks good. looking forward to try out the new site. let me know if you need any beta-testers


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Habe it up and running with hydra. So far working.

For the website. Clean design, good structure. Keep it up

One thing i figured out. Some results dont show up in hydra/radarr but on the website.
I need to investigate to see if its my error or the api
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