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Wordpress & extra containers with Traefik

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I use to use PG guide with the WordPress container setup and it worked great! (I miss it now) I ended up changing hosts and needed to rebuild my site but now whenever I put in my Traefik settings in the container label they don't work. I either get 404 page not found or my wordpress will just sit and load forever and then fail and go to https://domain.com:6666 (Not sure why it shows what port my wordpress is using...?)
I also tried editing OmbiHD to something else and that didn't like it either. (anime.domain.com) I'm wondering is there a config file I need to edit to make these two containers work?

I want my WordPress site to go to my main domain (domain.com). I believe I have everything setup correctly on my cloudflare account.
The labels are the same on my Wordpress except no subdomain is used domain.com.

Is there a config file that needs to be edited to get them working?

Ombi Container labels
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For anyword press domains, you can just add the domain to the traefik front thing and rebuild the container and will come up. My goal was to add a wordpress deployer, but somewhat on the backend with other stuff going on right now. Well that's for Traefik v2. You can edit the toml under /opt/appdata/traefik and make your mod there for old Traefik v1.
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