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which server should I use?


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Hello, which server should I use for Plex or Emby? an I7 4770 32gb ram? or a stronger one? Should use about 5-7 people 1080p and 4k.
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My server is i7 4790 with 32Gb of RAM. I have about 10 people using it now with a fiber connection of about 970mb up and down. I do not do 4K but with 1080p I have not had any issues. I have had a max of 5 transcodes going at once without any problems.

I have two different versions of all TV shows. One for me and one for users to stream. I like 5.1 or 7.1 sound and that always forces a transcode. With TV shows I usually do not see transcoding going on because of the different versions but movies I have not automated and conversion format yet so I do see those transcoding.

The biggest issues I see is with the players and users not understanding how they can control the settings on their end. Educate them and don't use Xbox One as a streamer, POS. Waiting for the new shield to come out and then thats gone.
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At the moment they have the 4770, the 6700 and the 8700, and an amd ryzen 7 1700x but I think the ryzen is overpowered, so I think the 6700?

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