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Discussion Where to put manually downloaded files?

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Quick question. When I manually download something, say a torrent of a season of a show that keeps failing with Usenet due to DMCA, where do I move it to once the download is finished? I thought I was supposed to move it to /mnt/move/media-type-folder (e.g. /mnt/move/tv) but I'm not sure that's correct as sometimes the files disappear and never show up again after moving.

For example, I downloaded a season of a show, moved it /mnt/move/tv with proper naming for Sonarr, PGUI showed it uploading and from there it's disappeared. That was two days ago so I have no idea what happened. This isn't the first time files have disappeared into the nether as well.

So, is /mnt/move/ the correct location or should i be moving them directly to /mnt/unionfs or /mnt/tdrive?


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i havent gotten this far in my setup - but im looking to do the same as you

from what i understand should be - /mnt/downloads/TV/


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Okay, I didn't think of that, I'll try it with my most recent download and see how it goes
try a test file movie.mkv just make something in notepad or test.txt

that way dont have to wait for large file to dl and unpack etc


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So moving a show I had waiting to move into /mnt/downloads/tv does allow it to show up in Sonarr. I also noticed other shows I had Sonarr downloading through NZBGet show up in there as well, so it looks correct.


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You don't. you just manually import it into Sonarr or Radarr via the wanted tab, and then let it deal with it. You'd import from /mnt/unionfs/sabnzbd etc


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I've been using Sonarr for going on 4 years now and never knew about that feature, I've always manually imported by manually renaming and moving. That's a game changer right there, lol. Thanks for that!

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