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Invites [W] Usenet4all, Newz-complex, Baconbits [H] DrunkenSlug, DogNZB

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Junior Member
they are open to invites but : "Please note that the selling, trading or public giving away of our invitations is strictly forbidden, and will result in you and your entire invite tree being banned. This includes offering to give away our invitations on public forums. " (and this rule is in all private trackers by the way)


Full Member
I know that.

But there are no applications possible and i don't have friends who are in private trackers either IRL or online. I just have to hope for the best. :(

In fact I see people here in this page asking for BTN and PTP... do people who have PTP or BTN actually give away invites to strangers???? I'd feel ridiculous just asking but hey if you tell me some people just don't care then i'll sure as hell open a thread!

Since you seem very aware of stuff is usenet4all and newz-complex even worth it if i have dog slug geek and those infamous other 2?


Junior Member
i can assure you no one is risking his/her ptp/btn account by inviting a stranger , i am like you i am not in u4a and newz-c yet :( so can't answer you


Full Member
This person asking - in return for OMG and Slug got 2 replies o_O

I think i'm gonna bite the bullet and not care about appearing totally moronic and make a thread asking too. like, what the hell.


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