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Invites [W] omgwtfnzbs Invite Code


Blitz 3rd Class
hi all,since i live in the netherlands,the comminity of nzbs and index site is very poor..

so im looking for a invite code for omgwtfnzbs.me

if you got 1 plz send it to me,my graditute will you have

with my regards baron


Blitz 3rd Class
hi spotweb is nothing like omgwtfnzbs.
if it was that i don need to ask a invite code ofcourse..i very like the things that a invite can help me out like new music and so
regards Baron


Blitz 2nd Class
That is indeed a remarkably strange thing to say, since the NL is, of all places in the world, one with the richest usenet resources both in terms of datacenters and community... correct me if i'm wrong


Blitz 3rd Class
all big forums are down m8..but no scene release stuff are there to find, brein closed alot of forums..trust me when i say its almost over..
if you are looking for new music than you need other sources,
movies and series rare fine (mostley from netflix) thats ok, but scene music like on omgwtfnzbs there is nothing like that..i mean nothing..its no point,i like trance/techno things i cant find because of that reassons,remember brein closed down maybe 10 big forums the last year (forums with 10k users)


Blitz 2nd Class
Well that's a very different thing.
For a niche interest like you have, private torrent trackers is your best bet.
Take the Redacted interview, but study hard for it first.

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