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virtual machine and hardware acceleration for pms is possible


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hello everyone I just wanted to share this with those of you who may not already know this. If youre like me and only installed ubuntu on a vm just so that you can run plexguide and let your plex server have access to your media saved on the google drive, then you may or may not have noticed that taking advantage of hardware acceleration in pms is not possible through a virtual machine because the gpu does not passthrough like the cpu does. well today I was messing around with somethings and instead of running pms on my ubuntu guest machine I installed it on my windows host. I then installed samba on the ubuntu running on the vm and shared the unionfs folder. After doing that any computer in my home network was able to see, read and write to that folder. Last issue left was making plex find that samba shared folder, all I did was map it as a network drive and I could then browse my media inside of the pms.

I was so surprised to see that this worked flawlessly, the scraper built the library of about 600 movies in less than 30 minutes and playback was smooth fast and clear. The final test was to turn on hardware acceleration to see if the samba share and vm would somehow interfere with it. I changed the quality from original 1080p ~30mb to 720 4mb and the transcoder instantaneously played the file no buffer and my cpu usage went down from 100% to a modest 40% while transcoding. Yes I have an old intel nuc i5 skylake which serve as both my player, server and downloader.

So to summarize If you have a computer capable of utilizing hardware acceleration and you run ubuntu out of vm just don't install pms on the guest machine do it on the host and still enjoy the advanced capabilities of your hardware. I imagine this will be useful to some of you who share your library with others and often have transcoding going on .
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Cool! I haven't really needed any HW acceleration on my videos yet. Do you have a lot of 4k content?


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Cool! I haven't really needed any HW acceleration on my videos yet. Do you have a lot of 4k content?
I have about 10 or so movies in 4K.. the collection is growing slowly I imagine by this time next year 4K will probably be the standard . The only player I have capable of playing them is a Nvidia shield so i just keep regular copies of those 4K movies as well for all others to play rather than transcoding

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