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Discussion Video files in mnt/downloads/rutorrent being deleted

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ole friis nielsen

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Is there any way i can stop the video files from being deleted? It's quite hard to seed on them when the video files are auto deleted every once in a while. In the beginning i thought they were being uploaded to google drive, but it seems not. I also don't have any of the radarr, sonarr or whatever the last on is called installed.


The problem is only the "" type f ":command

You can exclude what you want as folder

But find and type f will ignore this !!!


Junior Member
So let’s say if I add /mnt/download/rutorrent to exclude file, files/folders inside that folder would still get deleted when cleanup script runs and age condition is reached?


The folder are excluded .. but the type f command for finding garbage files ignore the exclude


If you update to 8.6.5 and redeploy pgclone, then you'll get the updated clone cleanup script.

For now, it's only cleaning files less than 3GB from sabnzbd/nzbget after the creation time as been X minutes ago. It also delete empty directories in /mnt/move and /mnt/downloads. The reasoning for this is simple. People are different needs and have their own post processing steps. Additionally, sonarr/radarr can fail to import for various reasons, sometimes it just needs help & you manually import the file. It would suck to download a 60gb file, fail to import over a title parsing issue, then it gets deleted! Most samples are 3gb or under.

Also most torrent apps have a function built in to auto delete the data files once it hits some rules.

Torrents and any custom downloaders (like jdownloader), etc are NOT touched. You need to cleanup torrents yourself either manually or use the torrent apps built in functions to Delete and remove data on ratio completion features.

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