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Invites Very cheap Usenet access! (Newshosting, $20/yr)


Blitz 3rd Class
If any of you are NewsDemon customers, they are matching this $20/year price on an unlimited account on their service. To get the price matching you need to e-mail [email protected] with the link to the deal and your NewsDemon userid and your account will be matched to this pricing on the next renewal date.

NewsDemon uses the same backbone as Newshosting and Usenetserver so you'll get the same service that is offered here.


Blitz 3rd Class
I don't like what Omicron are trying to do to the Usenet market...but sometimes they have a deal that is too good not to take.

Tweaknews - 1 Euro for 30 days, with a "special" offer after that is up.

If you already have a Tweak account make sure you're logged out of the website before visiting the link, or it will tell you you're not eligible. Tweak are an excellent option as your sole usenet provider, or to usually use as a block account if you have another provider as your main because they follow NTD for takedowns and not DMCA. At this price for 30 days of unlimited it's a bargain, but who knows what they will offer after that though.

Additionally they now say they have 3400 days of retention, so I'm going to say Tweak and Eweka are sharing the same backend storage pool, which makes sense given they're both owned by Omicron.

If you already have Eweka you won't gain a lot by signing up except that Tweak doesn't have a speed cap, but for 1 Euro to play and see what they offer you after 30 days it might be worth it. I still see slightly better completion rates on Eweka vs Tweak, but if the price is right....

Here's the link to the deal - https://www.tweaknews.eu/en/landing/come-back-offer/form?selectedPackage=welcome-back-30-day-special
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Blitz 3rd Class
If you're on a special deal at Eweka I wouldn't cancel it yet. This is ONLY for 30 days. Not recurring. Who knows what the special price will be after that.
This deal 20 USD until June 2020, so I've got 12 months to think about it. My Eweka was not a great deal anyway.

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