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Discussion Uploading 30TB from home via PGBlitz - how?


Blitz 2nd Class
Which script do I need to edit? Would modifying the file properties to 'read only' ensure that a redeploy wouldn't revert and overwrite the changes?


The command I posted will give you the file to edit.
sudo npgblitz
The file is:

No, it will still overwrite. since this is a temp change, shouldn't be a big deal. If you want it permanent, you can make a fork. Keep in mind, once you fork, you get the code as is. You won't get updates or bug fixes from us in your fork. For you to get updates, you'll need to periodically merge in the latest commits into your fork. You can google for more info on how to do that.


Blitz 2nd Class

Had a chance to test it and it's not working sadly.

I edited /opt/appdata/plexguide/pgblitz.sh and changed 'moveto' to 'copyto' and ran Blitz .... still deletes the source from /mnt/move/
I ran Blitz and then edited /opt/appdata/plexguide/pgblitz.sh and changed 'moveto' to 'copyto' ... still deletes the source from /mnt/move/

You're right about Blitz reverting to 'moveto' on redeploy :)

Any idea what else I could try to make sure that the source isn't deleted?


Blitz 2nd Class
I think I found a better option than modifying the script:

sudo mount --bind -r /mnt/hgfs/PGBlitz /mnt/move/

Mounts any source as read-only :)

Tested it and:
1. PGBlitz immediately picks up any files that are dropped into the 'PGBlitz' folder and sends them to tcrypt
2. The files dropped into the 'PGBlitz' folder aren't modified or deleted



Blitz 2nd Class
I spoke too soon ... it works. But it never stops working!

PGBlitz continues to send ... even after the files are on tcrypt. It basically never stops uploading.

I guess because it has 'read only' permissions on the bind, it can't ascertain what has been moved/sent - so it continually moves/sends the same files.

So 'mount --bind -r /mnt/hgfs/PGBlitz /mnt/move/' is basically telling PGBliz to move/send whatever it sees in 'move' - forever.

Any way around that @Admin?
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Blitz 2nd Class

To confirm: should I run PGBlitz and then edit '/opt/appdata/plexguide/pgblitz.sh' to change 'moveto' to 'copyto' ?

Do I need to restart anything in order for it to work ?


Blitz 2nd Class
Okay, I think I've figured it out ...

Running it now on a 500GB volume with 'copyto' to see if it stops sending after the job has finished ... will report back :)


Blitz 2nd Class
Sadly it doesn't work, even with 'copyto' .... after the transfer has finished, it basically repeats ... and repeats. Overwriting the files that have already been uploaded.

So that 500GB upload finishes and then it changes to '50%' of 1TB, etc, etc.

Any other ideas please?

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