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Discussion Upload still limited with PGBlitz

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I just switched to PG Blitz from PG Move, but my uploads are still limited to 12 Mbps. Do I need to manually change the bwlimit parameter?


Project Manager
Look in the config.

If you see

This means max speed 12mbps.

This means max Transfer data simultan = 2

You can tweak this a little bit

Some like this:

~/rclone/rclone -v --stats=2s --no-update-modtime --transfers=6 --checkers=4 --drive-chunk-size=16384k --drive-upload-cutoff=16384k --min-age=10d move

Or look on the original wiki

Please Made a Backup before you tweak or change anything.


I think I remember that Admin9705 will consider that at the next update.
As far as I can remember.

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