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Solved UnionFS not reading Tcrypt

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Downloaded a file via SabNZBd, it post processed and put it in the appropriate /downloads/tv folder.

It then appeared in /unionfs/tv, and uploaded to my Team Drive.

However once it uploaded, and the PGBlitz script removed the local file from /downloads/tv, the file also disappeared from /unionfs/tv

I can still see the file (encrypted) in the Team Drive, however my server isn't reading it.

This is the error I'm getting in /var/plexguide/logs/rclone-tcrypt.log

2019/04/26 12:51:52 NOTICE: Encrypted drive 'tcrypt:': ChangeNotify was unable to decrypt "vpp62o40qs6887vp53v0hsevt4": Bad PKCS#7 padding - too long
2019/04/26 12:59:02 Fatal error: failed to umount FUSE fs: exit status 1: fusermount: failed to unmount /mnt/tcrypt: Invalid argument
2019/04/26 13:02:15 NOTICE: Encrypted drive 'tcrypt:': ChangeNotify was unable to decrypt "viok35c9h0a4oqjgnci2rcf18g/vduup32q8al7rge4gkeoagqlac": Bad PKCS#7 padding - not all the same
TCrypt RClone Mount service seems to be running OK.


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Did you try a reboot? This sounds stupid, but you'll be surprised.
Yes I did - no change.

It obviously can't read the encrypted file it uploaded. So I'm wondering - are all the Team Drive users supposed to be using the same encryption passwords? Looking at the rclone.conf, they are all using different password/password2.

If they are different from the rclone mount read encryption password- wouldn't that explain why it can't ready the tcrypt?


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Blitz 1st Class
This was fixed by the 8.6.2 update. Thanks
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the passwords shown in rclone.conf are obfuscated. use the command rclone reveal with the hash values from the rclone.conf and it will show you the actual password being used.


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All good- see my comment above- the issue has been fixed.
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