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Discussion tv folder in /mnt/downloads


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I've recently configured my pgblitz set up and everything seems to be doing fine.
Except when I download through sonarr. for some reason it creates the tv folder in '/mnt/downloads/' which seems to be linked to '/mnt/unionfs/tv'.
So I end up with '/mnt/downloads/rutorrent/episode.mkv', '/mnt/downloads/tv/Show/Season/epsidoe.mkv' and '/mnt/unionfs/tv/Show/Season/epsidoe.mkv'

It also happen if I manually create a hard link from '/mnt/downloads/rutorrent/season x/S01E01.mkv' to '/mnt/unionfs/tv/Show/Season x/S01E01.mkv'

If I delete the tv folder in '/mnt/download/' the files also disapear in '/mnt/unionfs/tv'

Anyone know what causes this?
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A little update. Seems like there isn't created a folder in '/mnt/move/'. Could it be that it's creating the folder in the wrong directory, 'downloads' istead of 'move'?

Also, everything work as expected if do a manual import in sonarr (and choose copy) or just copy the files manually.
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