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Trouble accessing my Emby server with Emby app and Emby Connect


Respected Member
I would like to access my emby server with my firestick. I set up an emby connect account but I can't add a server. I have also tried accessing the server via emby's website and adding a server there. I have also excluded emby from PGsheild. I am I doing something wrong?


Senior Member
I have the exact same. Only way I can get it to work is to exclude from pg shield, use port forwarding and then use the ip address and port in emby.

Plex doesnt seem to have the issue and works fine externally.


Respected Member
ah crap!(really wish the emoji people would make a turd with a frowny face)....maybe this will get ironed out in time...seems a bit much if i'm going to share the server with family....i'll just go with Plex for now, seems to work out of the box.

@gadgethome , thanks again for the info


Junior Member
I am having the same issues, with local install. Has anybody found a solution yet?

but I had emby installed on the same server before using PG and it worked fine. I am a super noob so all help greatly appreciated.


The Newb
I have to tell the people that use my Emby server to set up manually. Make sure you use https://emby.domain.com and Port 443 in the setup. If you don't use both it will have issues. After I point that out to my family/friends no one has had an issue connecting.


Full Member
BANG!!...worked for me....thank you @clinch123
I have a question for you about port 443. This has happened to me twice now. I setup port 443 as my public HTTPS port on my server configuration at emby.tld and if I reboot my machine, I get 404 not found and Emby is wrecked. Are you putting it on the server or just telling the client to look at 443? I think it is just the latter right? I might be having a little stupid coincidence working for me when I get it working before I reboot the server by changing the server side configuration? Is it me looking into it too much?

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