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Discussion Traefik Deployment Incorrect, Port Forwarding?

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Hi all, I am setting up a new VM running PGBlitz and I seem to be encountering a few issues. I was hoping someone could help me clear them up.
1. Do I have to forward ports 443 & 80 to my machine? I'd rather not as this breaks my ability to connect via remote desktop.
2. I am receiving an error saying that Traefik is not deployed correctly. The only thing I see within the portainer logs for Traefik however is a letsencrypt error due to how many times I have attempted to run Traefik. This should only present me with a certificate error correct? Yet I am unable to connect to portainer using my domain name.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Junior Member
Update: Once I forward ports 443 and 80 I can connect to portainer through an unsecured https connection. I am still getting the Traefik is not deployed properly! Cannot Reach the Portainer SubDomain! error however.

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