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Discussion traefik deployed incorrectly


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Hi, guys very new to this type of setup. I've run into a great many snags and hangups being very new to Linux. To the point, I scrapped everything wiped the drive and reinstalled ubuntu clean. I've done all the updates in the install guide then installed pgblitz. Now is where i am stuck traefik setup was pretty easy but it says traefik deployed incorrectly.

I don't know where to get the log file to show you, smart folks, anything. I'll happily look up anything to help diagnose my where I am stuck. Please direct me?
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i don't see a txt file generated. sure you got the right api? Also if you need a sanity check, use http://hetzner.cloud and get a cloud vm for 1 euro penny per hour, just change your domain to the ip there (machines deploy in under 10 seconds).


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ignore this after a cleaned up install everything seems to be working now
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