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Discussion Traefik Deployed - Incorrectly


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Hey everyone.

So, I am moving my server from one host to another. I had 0 issues setting up Traefik on the first server a few weeks back. But now when deploying on the new server it is failing verification after the portioner rebuild.

Top level and Sub level domains are up but not secured.

Any ideas? Also, where are the Traefik logs located?

Thanks everyone, love this community.

Just noticed this error when shutting down pgblitz

1. Traefik is Not Deployed Properly! Cannot Reach the Portainer SubDomain!

2. fairflix.cloud's rated limited exceed | Traefik (LetsEncrypt)! Takes upto one week to clear up (or use a new domain)

This mean I just need to wait it out?


Project Manager
it means you deployed your domain too many times; so you have to wait it out :D Without these checks, you would get a whole bunch of unsecure https:// redflags on every app.


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So how does the waiting period work? If I deploy again does it reset the clock or if I just try and deploy each day will it just decide to work one day?

Thanks again for the help
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