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Torrent VPN - Basic Instructions - Still in Beta testing

SPECIAL NOTE: Port access currently only works from within the same LAN Network but Subdomains should still work for external access!
Improving The Wiki: Please post below and I will use your information to make adjustments

DelugeVPN and rTorrentVPN can be selected to be used with PIA (Private Internet Access) VPN.
Both sources are from Binhex's Github where you can find more info about using a different VPN provider.
*** Please scroll to the bottom of this wiki to see how to test VPN tunnel ***
To access Deluge either use http://delugevpn.(your-domain.com) or use port 8112 with (your-ip):8112 if accessing locally or SSH tunnelling.
  • Please visit our wiki page for more info on how to set up your subdomain
The default password is deluge

You shouldn't need to change the default Downloads locations but you can select them as I have

View attachment 124

Note from Binhex DelugeVPN FAQ

Q: How do I connect CouchPotato to DelugeVPN?
A: To connect CouchPotato to DelugeVPN perform the following:-

IMPORTANT - If your connecting to DelugeVPN from a traditional (non dockerized) installation of CouchPotato then please ensure you have configured the LAN_NETWORK (see FAQ "I'm struggling to configure LAN_NETWORK correctly, can you give some examples?" for help) environment variable for DelugeVPN (you can left click and "Edit" the configuration if you've already created the container).
  1. Start DelugeVPN and login to the webui, then enable Preferences->Daemon->Allow Remote Connections
  2. Restart DelugeVPN Docker container
  3. Open Deluge authorisation file /config/auth and note the username and password, it should be in the format:-
<admin username>:<admin password>:<level>

The default value is as follows:-


If the above doesn't exist then please add to the auth file and restart the container before continuing.

  1. Go to the CouchPotato webui->Settings>Downloaders>Deluge
  2. Configure Host as :58846
  3. Configure the Username and Password as specified in the auth file
  4. Click on Test Deluge button, if it all works then you should see success.

To access rTorrent either use https://rtorrentvpn.(your-domain.com) or port 3000 with (your-ip):3000 if accessing locally or SSH tunnelling.
  • Please visit our wiki page for more info on how to set up your subdomain
  • This version of rTorrentVPN is using the Flood interface
When first using rTorrentVPN you will be greeted with a login page
  • Input anything you want to use
View attachment 125

You will then see a page with a list of set up processes that should all have green ticks next to them
  • If after a while nothing has changed then just refresh the page
  • You will need to input the login info you chose before to continue
View attachment 126

Now you should see the Flood main interface page to begin using

View attachment 127

Note from Binhex rTorrentVPN FAQ

Q: Why are some of my settings reverting when I restart rutorrent?
A: So rutorrent is purely a web frontend to rtorrent, and as such does NOT modify any settings for rtorrent, the only settings you can save using rutorrent are settings for rutorrent itself, i.e. things like enabling/disabling plugins, settings for plugins etc.

If you want to modify things like incoming port, enabling/disabling dht, and folders for incomplete/complete downloads then you will have to modify the rtorrent config file, this is located in /config/rtorrent/config/rtorrent.rc please make sure you use something like notepad++ (not windows notepad) to prevent the line endings being modified.


Q: How can I verify that the Torrent client is using the VPN tunnel?
A: You can verify this by loading a custom torrent that returns the IP address that is used to connect to the tracker, instructions on how to do this shown below:-
  1. Go to website Check My Torrent IP Address
  2. Click on the "Check my torrent IP" button to download the torrent
  3. Open Deluge webui and add the torrent
  4. Highlight the added torrent and go to the "Status" tab at the bottom left of the screen
  5. The "Tracker Status" should return something like this:-
checkmytorrentip.net: Error: Success, Your torrent client IP is:
  1. If the tunnel is correctly established then IP address should be different to the IP address from your ISP.

Another way to check if your IP is being leaked is to use I Know What You Download

Still trying to get it to work flawlessly with PlexGuide but do not have enough knowledge to figure it out, so if anyone can see where I'm going wrong, please let us know or better yet, send a Pull request with your solution!:giggle:
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