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Discussion torrent files deleted from system, not sure why.


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finished torrent files deleted from system, not sure why. Happens with rutorrent, qbittorrent and deluge. Fresh install of plexguide, so any help would be helpful. Files seem to vanish after a day.


short info from Pgblitz :::

so boys and girls .. the PGBlitz.sh and PGmove.sh is fixxed now ;

please made sure you use the new v8.6.4 Version ;p

EDIT : !#!
clearing part --> you must redeployed the mounts

this folder will be autoexclude for the torrent use : https://github.com/PGBlitz/PGClone/blob/v8.6/functions/exclude

each user can made a PR Request on this file ;
if any folder not 100% excluded ;
please made sure you dont use a CUSTOM install edition.

as an an example : /mnt/downloads/mycustomfolder/
we dont support CUSTOM installs

the file will be automatik repulled each cyclecount so if any changes on this file :
all user can use it direct after the cyclecount running again >>
pgmove user = if upload finish
pgblitz user = each cycle command

so please be sure you deployed it really 100% and dont use Custom-Folders in /mnt/downloads/

this command is also for the clonecleaner.sh now included
for the Torrent now .
you dont must change the time code now to an higher level

for the sab/NZB user you can use the 600mins variables this is the best options, but !!

for the torrent user !! if you have now garbage files now .. you must remove them self !!


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Adjust the garbage settings 4 > 1 > c > 7 For torrents adjust to 9999999 which is 6944 days ish before auto-deleted. You need to manually clean leftover files/folders from download directory.
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@fr0sty do you read my post *?*

I made a fix for this .. open this file >>



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I did read the Pgblitz quote. I understand english is not your first language and I was a little confused.
Thanks for the update. It will make running sab and torrents much better.
Many thanks for all the work and containers your doing! Love your work!

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