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Ideas Tautulli Multi Server edition



This is brilliant @MrDoob, I can't thank you enough :) Might just be reason enough to switch back from emby to plex :cool:

Feedback: installed and started without any problems. Finds all plex servers automagically and with a few clicks everything's up and running!

Now I assume it would be better to stop the original tautulli?

You can run twice .. that's your choise ;)


Junior Member
I can't seem to get this to talk to my second Plex server. I keep getting the same errors no matter what I try. I have used what it set by default and attempted to set the manual connection to no avail.

The default set by Tautulli plex.TLD
Manual Connections I have used. http://plex.TLD:80 https://plex.TLD:443 plex.TLD


2019-07-12 15:12:31 - INFO    :: WebSocket-Hetzner Test 3-4 : Tautulli WebSocket :: Hetzner Test 3-4: Opening  websocket.
2019-07-12 15:12:31 - ERROR   :: WebSocket-Hetzner Test 3-4 : Tautulli WebSocket :: Hetzner Test 3-4: Handshake status 302.
2019-07-12 15:12:31 - DEBUG   :: WebSocket-Hetzner Test 3-4 : Tautulli WebSocket :: Hetzner Test 3-4: Leaving thread.


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@MrDoob Still working like a charm, just one question. There's a setting for rclone mount monitoring, how does this work exactly?
"Activate the rclone mount monitoring feature. With this activated, you can set the rclone mount monitoring parameters in the server configuration."

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