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Discussion Sync Gdrive with local media


Blitz 3rd Class

Before I installed PG, I mounted my smb share to /mnt so that PG will install the required folders on the share. I also have my local media on /mnt/media/(categories)

Is it possible to use Rclone to first upload my local files and then sync /mnt/media/(categories) with the files that are on the Gdrive? I would prefer the files to hit my local share first before being uploaded because I'm going to have emby pointed there as I want to continue to serve my local media and use Gdrive as a backup at least until my local storage is full. Only 3 out 10 TB is filled so far.


Project Manager
you can use rclone todo this. ya this won't happen because it's not designed to do this. you can run local edition and then use goodsync to move to google drive; but local edition does not play from your google drive.

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