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Subzero Feedback


Senior Member
Can anybody else confirm if they are able to install/use subzero the usual way through Plex Channel or is a manual installation required?

I had it installed for a while and it seems to have disappeared (no idea when) from my plugins section and the "Channel" option normally found on the bottom left is nowhere to be seen. I assume this is a way to force people to use Plex subtitles. Oddly enough, it's still listed for the tv/movie sections of my library.
Figured I check here since I couldn't see anything recent about it.


Senior Member
Apparently Plex got rid of the ability to add/control plugins from the web interface a few weeks ago. The announcement implied it'd still be possible to manually install plugins and they would still work, but that doesn't appear to be the case per the Github page for this plugin. Sounds like the team is coming out with 2.6 in the week, so we'll see. Does anybody know of an alternative besides filebot?

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