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Discussion Subdomain as "main domain" with Cloudflare and Traefik


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I have a domain, let's call it mysite.com. I use Cloudflare as DNS and of course utilize Traefik.
I'd like to have all my PGBlitz-stuff on pgblitz.mysite.com – so that portainer is at portainer.pgblitz.mysite.com, plex is at plex.pgblitz.com and so forth. Is that possible?


Blitz 2nd Class
I think the easiest way is to update using PG to make pgblitz.domain.tld your website, your front page will end up being pgblitz.domain.tld at this point.

Next, go to portainer, edit the container that you use as your homepage. Once you are in the edit menu, go to labels and append domain.tld so it looks like this

Host: pgblitz.domain.tld, domain.tld

You don't necessarily have to append it, you could just remove the pgblitz.domain.tld portion.

I'm not sure if PG will remove the modification during updates or rebuilds of the containers.


That's not possible >>

An subdomain before an subdomain

That's never work


Google.de. < main domain
translate.google.de < subdomain
and sub before sub dont work


After upgrade the pgversion you will lose your config !!!


Blitz 2nd Class

subdomains with subdomains do work. the question becomes does CF suppprt it

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