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Guides Stop transcoding by rule(s) through Tautulli (either by color depth or resolution)


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This is not a new how-to, as it has been in the forums for a bit, but I've rewritten and added to the Tautulli wiki.

Originally was to stop trancoding from the server side of 4K videos and force Direct Play.
Updated to include prevention of only HDR transcoding (for example, one of my servers has no issue transcoding 4K video through iGPU, but if the video is HDR, including many of the 1080p 10bit videos I have, I still want to prevent the transcosing and subsequent washed-out color from converting to 8-bit as Plex does. For now, anyway.)

Can be used to prevent transcoding at all, by rule (or multiple rules) and provides a pop-up information box to the user explaining why the video was stopped and can include what they need to do to watch it. That way they don't think the "server just crashed."

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