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Discussion SSD drive size discrepancy


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Good day,

I am having an issue which has caused me to already completely wipe a previous virtual machine and start over but it looks like the issue is back.

The issue is my virtual machine keeps increasing in size while Sabnzbd, sonarr, and radarr all keep saying the available space is staying the same (along with PGUI). Of course it is after i download content but I make sure that the content is moved to Google drive and looks to be deleted off the SSD. However there is definitely something going on.

My virtual machine is taking up 190 GB of disk space while on the PGUI it says that only 21 GBs are being used of the 411 GB disk space (see attached pics). I also attached a picture of the "File Systems" tab in System Monitor in ubuntu - I went to the folder /var/lib/snapd/hostfs to find nothing inside the folder so i have no idea why it says that 59.8 GBs is in there. Could this be part of the problem?

This virtual machine is not used for anything other that pgblitz and it is a virtual machine one VMWare Fusion (i.e. MacOS).
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated as i dont want to completely restart and wipe this virtual machine as well.



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Can you access your server and installed something like NCDU?
  sudo apt-get install ncdu -y
Once you've done that, cd to the root of your server and run ncdu -x (-x will keep the scan on the same filesystem, otherwise ncdu will start scanning through google drive too). It will open a window that will scan your entire drive and list all of the files from largest to smallest. This will give us a better idea of "where" the problem is.

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I know of ncdu and has saved me in the past since mnt/downloads/sabnzbd was getting cluttered with content that radarr wassn't moving folders for one reason or another.

I ran ncdu for the entire drive (50 TB) and there was nothing unusual. As such, I think the issue actually lies within vmware fusion itself. The virtual disk is set to grow as needed but when files are moved in the guest OS, the VM disk on the host OS does not reduce in size. I am thinking this is due to linux not zero'ing out the blocks, which would then require a "clean up" with VMWare fusion.

@Admin9705 I know you use VMWare fusion, have you seen this issue before or do you just use "pre-allocated" virtual disk?


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when i say "moved in guest OS", I mean when content is moved from the virtual disk to google drive i.e. the content should be deleted from the virtual disk after the move process has completed. I believe that pgblitz is doing its job fine :) just vmware doesn't decrease the virtual disk size after the move cause they dont zero out the blocks and clean out the content.


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That makes perfect sense, it's possible you could script something to reclaim space daily or you could try moving to a set disk size. I'm afraid my knowledge of VMWare is limited at best so I can't help with any specifics.

Good luck :)

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