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Discussion Split between two servers

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Blitz 2nd Class
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Hello all,
It's been a month that I'm playing around with pgblitz and so far I was using just one server to do it all.
However I noticed that when files are uploaded the streaming capabilities are reduced a lot.
So I rented another cheap server just for downloading/uploading purposes. I don't know if that was a good decision...

Now what's the process I should follow in order to just use sonarr, radarr, nzbget and others on the cheap server and keep only plex and ombi for example on the first server?

I proceeded with installation of pgblitz on the cheap server from scratch and just installed sonarr along with the downloader and indexers. However I can't seems to find how I can make sonarr "Sitever" the already available (to gdrive) files.

Thank you!


Blitz Sergeant
I run sonarr radarr lidarr and nzbget on my download feeder and everything else on a separate server. If the mounts are the same you should just be able to scan the disk and it will populate what's already there.


Blitz 2nd Class
i have sab, nzbget, sonarr, radarr, backup/converter plex on one server and plex, tautulli and ubooquity on another, this helps spread the load a bit, but yeah blitz rclone upload is a massive internet hog same as sab is a resource hog :) hope this helps you with your setup ideas
Once i get to a specific point i think i will just use nzbget and not sab, but currently require both


Blitz Samurai
I have a hetzner ex-42 nvme I can upload and watch plex on this machine before I had this I had a sb-26 and a sb-33 and both of these I struggled with doing both


Blitz Sergeant
Just backup sonarr, radarr, nzbget and others.
Stop the containers on server 1.
Restore on server 2.
Edit plex connect in sonarr/radarr


Blitz 2nd Class
Thank you all for your replies.
I guess having a "feeder" server is recommended by a lot of you. And it might be better in the end.
I backup all the necessary apps/container from server 1 and restored them to server 2 (feeder).
As fr0sty mentioned I had to edit the plex-connect settings and everything is as before!!


Blitz 2nd Class
I experienced a networking issue when I offloaded my media storage from being local to a local NAS. When SABnzbd would complete a download, and sonarr/radarr would move the files, my server would come to a crawl because the downloaders would hog the upload capability of my server's NIC. I could not find a way to throttle the transfer rate so I just moved SAB, radarr and sonarr onto the separate NAS's.

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