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Discussion Speedtest Name Change


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The speedtest module has changed it's name to LibreSpeed. If you've installed the community app "speedtest", you'll see that the title of the page is "LibreSpeed Example".

I've done some reading to see how to change that title but I can't seem to find anything online. If someone has done this already, I'd appreciate some help. All I want to do is change the page title.


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The page title and title shown in the tab bar of Chrome come from the code of the website itself, I.e, what's in the Docker container. To be honest It's not really a problem. If anything I would say we should change the name of the app in PgBlitz to LibreSpeedtest to keep things more consistent. No sense changing the code of the containers just for some text fixes -- it'd require too much manual work to keep the changed image up to date with the current image.

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