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Discussion Sonarr’s "Organize & Rename" stopped moving server-side

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Formerly, when I used Sonarr’s "Organize & Rename" feature, it just renamed files in my mount almost instantaneously without downloading and uploading them again. Now, this action initiates full download/upload cycle, removing original files in my cloud in the process.

For clarity, I'm talking about this feature:

While a file is in the process of being renamed, I'm seeing lots of rclone errors in PGUI, naturally: can't copy - source file is being updated
File starts uploading after downloading is finished, though.
Needless to say, "Organize & Rename" is usually used for batch renaming, resulting in lots of wasted network traffic and disk I/O.

Now, I'm not sure what's changed in recent updates or is it PGClone's fault at all (perhaps Sonarr is to blame somehow?), but a simple mv invocation on pgunion's mergerfs mointpoint works as expected, returning Moved (server side) rclone message.

I'm on PG Move (not Blitz) 8.7.5, latest pull, although it started to behave like that a while ago, I believe. Is anyone able to reproduce it?

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