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Discussion [Solved]Sshfs / rclone unmounting


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Was trying to mount my feral seedbox to /mnt/downloads/deluge/feral. Worked fine, but after a while gdrive unmounted. Redeployed PG and it errored out while redeploying, error in /mnt/downloads/deluge/feral
Was permission error, owner was correct, but group was 2484 and that caused the error.

Changed the group to 1000 and then the folder became unaccessable. Unmounted and deleted the feral folder, redeployed gdrive/tdrive/union and now it works as it should.

Any ideas how to mount the seedbox in /mnt/downloads/xxxx so that sonarr/radarr access it? Ofc I can mount it into /home/ but then I need to add this folder to sonarr/radarr and the 4k versions too.
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