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Discussion Slow uploads to tdrive on VPN


Blitz 3rd Class
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Local - Virtual Machine
I've done some searching and haven't seen anything like this. I have a few different VPN accounts. I'm using PGBlitz to upload into my TDrive but when I connect my box to my VPNs I'm only getting 1.5mb up. I disable the VPN and I get @20mb. I'm using ExpressVPN and PIA with the same results. I know there are other factors just didn't know if this has been seen before or maybe I have something reconfigured on the VPN.


Nope, that's just VPNs. You're better off only using a VPN for torrent apps, there are vpn containers for this.


Blitz 3rd Class
Guess I'll have to educate myself on this. I assume I can only apply the vpn to the nzbget container?

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