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Discussion Setting up Traefik with new GSuite account and google's domain.


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Hello all,

I'm a new user to the whole plex server thing and reading/asking online they suggested me PGBlitz. I read through the wiki and saw the tutorial videos and indeed it seems like a well build script, if you can say.
Since this my first time trying something like that I went through and rent an auction server from Hetzner. I didn't want something fancy or something super strong since this will be a new project for me and I want to first learn as much as I can then maybe consider rent something better.
I go on with the initial update/upgrade of the server and also installed vnc for better navigation through the OS (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS).
Sign up to google using the provided link and also purchase a domain through their form (from Enom).
I installed PGBlitz and now I'm in the process of going through the configuration process.
However, I'm little confused on how to set Traefik.
In the select provider options of Traefik there is no option for Enom just for gcloud (i'm not sure if I must select that).
Can someone please help me or point me through the correct documentation/wiki on how to get it set up?

Thank you very much all for your time.



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So, following @Marinerdevil instructions (thank you very much for your time), I tried to setup the Traefik using cloudflare as well.
I edited cloudflare as follows (attached) but still I can't completely finish traefik without issues. Status is Deployed - Incorrectly.
What's the default location of traefik's log in order to investigate further? In order to find what's the actual error.

I purchased a godaddy domain, and the setup was pretty much straight forward. No issues at all deploying Traefik and it seems to work as it suppose to.
However I can't get the gsuite domain (enom) to work.

Can someone please help?! :)

Thank you very much!



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I didn't want to trigger any letsencrypt/traefik ban (this is a thing from what I read - might already triggered it as well and don't know it) so I decided to just leave the google/enom domain and don't even use it.
I was trying to make it work just for backup purposes but since godaddy works out of the box and so easy, I will not use google/enom domain.

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