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Chat Seedbox for Plex, downloading and Google Drive


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Hello all!

I'm very new to all this seedboxes and VPS servers. I currently run a server at home downloading 24/7 public torrents and running plex, but the hard drives are full (once again) and the download speed isn't that high. So if possible I would like to swap to the cloud (Google Suite) and donwlaod with higher speed! :)

I have figured out that I will need a VPS / Seedbox, Plex (of course), Rclone to mount and encrypt Google Drive, Sonarr and Radarr. I will have max 2-3 direct streams, no transcode needed.
Is it possible to have this all in 1 or 2 servers? What would you recommand me?

I'm also wondering about the setup, how will this be done? I have some knowledge about Windows but know nothing about Linux. Would like to setup it up once and never have to look at it again :D
Also how can I upload all the current files stores local on Google Drive? Will this be done by just clicking on the file and moving it to google drive or will it go comepletly different?

Budget: I would love to keep it under 10 euros, but if necessary I can go higher.
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bytesized-hosting is a seedbox focused around plex with 1-click app deployment (sonarr, radarr, etc) but no root and no PGBlitz :( I didn't use it extensively, but it seemed really stable and a lot of love from reddit.

I use a semi-dedi aka Hybrid netcup server at the moment and it's running flawless. They have a 320 GB SAS option for 8.99 which would fit your budget.


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Ah! I always thought plexguide was the forum of this site but its actually software that helps instelling everything i need. It sounds beautiful and I would love to use it :)

A VPS is fine for me aswell. Maybe its even an idea to use 2 servers, one for downloading and one for plex. I have no idea which vps servers allows downloading torrents to be honest.

I will check netcup!
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