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Scheduling Upload In Specific Times/Windows


Junior Member

Wondering if it's possible, or if anyone know of a way to only upload at specific times to Google Drive, as my Plex looks at the unionfs folder, i was trying to prevent the upload happening throughout the day and maxing the bandwidth. I know i can limit the upload speed, but ideally i want it to only upload between 01:00 and 07:00.

Any ideas how to achieve this? my only real though at the moment is to rename the config file between those times, then rename it back, but that doesn't really cut existing uploads, which i then scripted a kill of the rclone move PID.

I'm hoping to look for a better or more integrated scheduling solution?

Thanks in advance, and any help or pointers appreciated,


Junior Member
Perhaps i could write something to disallow rclone to run at specific times? anyone had any similar experiences?

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