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SABNZBD - Configuration


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SABNBD Configuration Instructions
  • SAB for TV - http://ipv4address:8090
  • Wizard Mode - You can start filling or do later
  • Configuration
  • [Click] Gear Icon (Upper Right) > [Click] Gear Icon (Upper Left)
  • SAnzbd Web Server Area
    • Web Interface: Glitter - Night (forces to get rid of old interface if you have it)
  • General Area
    • SABnzbd Username: (remember it)
    • SABnzbd Password: (remember it)
    • External Internet Access: Full Web Interface - Only External Access...
    • [Click] Save changes and click the folder icon at the top
  • Folder Area
    • Minimum Free Space: 100GB (whatever is best for you)
    • Permissions for completed downloads: 777
    • [Click] Save changes and click the double arrow icons at the top
  • Servers Area
    • Sign up for a NewsHosting Server
    • Host: The name the service provides you; not what you think it is
    • Port: 119, 443, or 563. 563 or 443 are best choices due to encryption
    • SSL: Check mark only if 563 or 443 are selected. If you forget, it will not connection with 563 or 443
    • Username & Password: Keep it stored somewhere or you will go nuts with password resets
    • Connections: Stay 2 or 3 under your max. If exact, you will get errors
    • Priority: Leave this alone unless you know what you area doing
    • [Click] Test Server
    • [Fails] Something stupid. Either the SSL, wrong port, wrong username, and etc
    • [Passes] Click the (Add Server) and then click the checkmark box at the top
  • Categories Area
    • For TV, type: tv - then hit the save button to the right
    • For Movies, type movies: movies - then hit the save button to the right

  • Switches Area
    • Detect Duplicate Downloads: Fail Job (Move to History)
    • [Click] Save Changes
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Senior Member
is this now deprecated due to being back on 8080?
im having sabnzbd probs...ill start a thread..

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