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Discussion running sudo chown -R 777:777 * on /mnt/unionfs


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im having issuses with jellyfin finding media. setting id to 0 helped get most of my collection up but new items are not scanning in. so im thinking of running sudo chown -R 777:777 * on /mnt/unionfs ...will this work?


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umm, that is a bad idea. The rclone command is already mounting your filesystems using uid 1000, gid 1000 with umask 002. If you look at the files in your /mnt/unionfs they should all be owned by the same user with the exact same permissions on them right now. No need to run a command that is going to blow out your API calls to gdrive - for nothing.

how large of a collection do you have? how long have you let Jellyfin run to bring in your new files?


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its been running for 3 weeks now. seems to scan in everything it can. every time i run a manual scan nothing new comes up. my collection is about 300 TB

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