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Running 8.6.4 - should I upgrade?


Blitz 1st Class
Hey everyone - currently running 8.6.4 and apart from small issues with Tautulli and RuTorrent, things are working well.

Is there any reason why I should upgrade to the latest version?

And if I do - are there any changes to the file storage locations? From memory there was a version release that changed the folder names/locations of the processed files?



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Blitz 1st Class
I'm ok with the issues with Tautulli and RuTorrent. They seem to be inherrent issues with those software- rather than the PGBlitz setup.

So there's no need to upgrade from 8.6.4?

I've checked the changelog, and it doesn't say anything about directory name changes - although I'm sure I can recall this being mentioned in the past.

Reason I ask, is my whole setup currently works with the existing file structure used in 8.6.4 (/mnt/unionfs, /mnt/downloads etc).

Don't want to upgrade if it's going to break anything?
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Blitz 1st Class
Ok well for anyone who is in the same scenario - I updated PGBlitz from 8.6.4 to 8.7.5 with no issues (other than having to redeploy PG Clone)
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