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rTorrent (FloodUI) OpenVPN integrated

I use an old laptop for my host and wanted to close the lid and turn the screen off without sleeping the machine itself and that was working until I noticed that the laptop went to sleep right when your container finished installing.

I employed this solution to edit the host's /etc/systemd/logind.conf

I haven't done anything with docker besides pgblitz, but I noticed your container has vi and was able to do the same thing to its /etc/systemd/logind.conf and that fixed it.

Thought I'd toss it into this thread in case somewhere down the line you're trying to slim things down or anyone else has a similar situation.


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Having the same issue with Sonarr, everything works up until the point where Sonarr tries to grab from /output/incomplete.

Tried mapping the volume to a bind directly to the /mnt/incomplete to make sure the files were actually being grabbed. Issue is at that point it duplicates the files in subfolders and doesn't actually do the proper handling.

Once the finished grab handling gets fixed this container looks like it will be my go to. VPN works perfect, and there are some cool features that the other options don't have.



Ok so this is the problem and everyone will need to reinstall the app to fix but....

/output/incomplete is the issue, that's a bad path and Sonarr/Radarr doesn't have that path, it's not exposed to those apps. Additionally even if you were to expose that path so Arr can see it, it won't import efficently, it will copy it (technical reasons I shared many times and put in the pgclone wiki.

That is why it's super important for the download path to be /mnt/downloads/{downloader}

I went through and corrected the offended community apps that had these 'bad' mappings and removed them. You need to reinstall and change the config to point to /mnt/downloads/rflood-vpn
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Is there a possibility to "share" the vpn to other containers? If yes how could i make that?
The openvpn-howto describes to share the vpn with other containers but i dont know how to change the configs of the clientcontainers with "depends on...." and "network mode....".
Would be great if someone could explain me how to do this

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