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  • Requires an IPV4 Static Address
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  • Login into your Godaddy Account
  • Purchase a domain or select an existing one
  • On your main domain page, select DNS

  • Next look for a RECORD > TYPE A (With the @ Symbol - If none, create it)
  • Click the pencil/edit button
  • Under value, put your IPV4 address

  • Hit save
  • Can take anywhere from 1 hour to a 1 day
  • When you SSH in, you can use your domain name instead of your IP address
Point your Subdomain to A Service
Why is this important? It's for security. Version 5 will eliminate direct port access or a form of option to remove an example such as; rather... this setup allows you to access port 19999 through a subdomain such as Everything works behind a reverse proxy. It's better to start doing this now so you understand; rather than later!

To have all your subdomains working for https:// and for sanity sake, do a * (wild card) and then your IP as shown above. You do not have to do each subdomain!

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Yes, but unless your ISP changes your IP address constantly, it shouldn't be too big of an issue. I'm on a dynamic IP address and it hasn't changed in 6 months.

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