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Discussion reinstalled server - Load encrypted Gdrive files


Blitz 3rd Class
Hello everyone, we had an issue with our server and basically ended up having to reinstall linux.
This is a dedicated server through hetzner.

I can see the encrypted files on my gdrive and I do have my google credentials (API, keys)

I have reinstalled the base system and plexguide and created the 2 remotes (gdrive & gcrypt) but I created them as "new" is that correct?
When I go into gdrive or encrypt or unionfs I see the folders but they are all empty.

I believe I am doing something wrong in the setup and am basically looking for guidance on how to re-connect / re-mount my files.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions & help.


you must pick the same SALT PW from the old install ..

only with the same PW you can PICK the files ^^


Project Manager
if your passwords are not the exact same, that's why you won't see it. we had one user who realized they switched out some numbers and was good :D that's why the encrypted is risky if password and SALTs are forgotten or mistyped


Blitz 2nd Class
Yeah figured I could use my backed up rclone.conf file from the old setup. That did not work either. I am 100% sure I am using the correct passwords originally set.


Blitz 1st Class
This worked for me

Had the same issue and I am 100% I used correct pw's also.

Take away, if using encrypted make a backup of working rclone.conf

don't know if this means anything but for me the gcrypt pw's where identical between my working backup and the not working rclone.conf but the tcrypt pw's where different. Changed the tcrypt pw's to the working ones and BINGO


Blitz 1st Class
Well check that. I think it caused another problem, lemme splain.

  1. as indicated, used PGclone encryption PW's i knew/believed to be accurate
  2. could not see encrypted file in unionfs
  3. edited rclone.conf with hash from working server
  4. now I can see encrypted files in unionfs, yay!
  5. DL's new file. Files DL but it disappears somewhere in the process. At least that's what, I thought (see my post/question https://goo.gl/vXb8zw )
  6. didn't get any love on the post referenced above so I figured WTH I'll just nuke the server and start over no big deal maybe something went sideways during the install
  7. got new server up and used PGclone encryption PW's(didn't edit the rclone.conf) from step 1. Guess what mysteriously appears, the files that vanished earlier. Buuuuutttt I can't see any of my media files just the ones that were DL'd using the "fix" posted above ?‍♂. Nor can I see all of the directories in unionfs the PG installer sets up.
  8. WTF

IDK, think this encryption thing might not be worth the headache....don't have a big liberry, might just re-DL the whole damn thing. Shouldn't take too long using blitz v move

Takeaway, heed @Admin9705 advice, use a simple PW you can remember and type in easily. I generated a short random one with my PW vault, thought I was ok but nooooooo.

It's a media collection not a bank account, for goodness sake. Oh well another lesson learned!


Blitz Sergeant
I got this working copying the hash passwords from the old and pasting in the new before deploying.
Hi mate, I'm in the same boat! It's the same damn password I always use and with this version if Plexguide I can see the set password and salts and I'm seeing the same password I always use.. yet nothing shows.

I do have a question though, I have a working local server with an rclone.conf but how did you deploy without plexguide generating new hashes? See, I manually change the hashes but then I redeploy pgblitz but as it has a password and salts stored for the setup it will just create a new rclone.conf so how did you do it?
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