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Ideas read-only server for tdrive?


Blitz 2nd Class
This was a feature in 7.2.2 (which my plex server is still using) but it's no longer a thing. I always use a VPS before I ever deploy a PG update on my servers. My servers are still running 7.2.2/7.2.4 because the updates didn't affect my usage and didn't need to be updated. Now with 8.4.6 and all these new features such as PGUI and mergeFS, I can no longer test them out because the way PG Clone works. Even if I manually set up the GDSAs, gdrive and tdrive, it will still error out because I'm skipping steps to avoid it removing GDSAs that are still in use.

I use to get away with this by using my own tdrive.service & unionfs.service, so I skip the deploy part. Can we please get the read-only server option in PG mount? it was a great tool for testing.

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