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Discussion RClone - Unencrypted


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RClone - Unencrypted

Improving The Wiki: Please post below and I will use your information to make adjustments.

Pay attention, instruction may slightly change due to Versioning
Instruction are for Version 1.39
  • N < For New remote
  • gdrive < for the name
  • 10 < For Google Drive,
    • Double Check the Number Selected, just in case
    • Do NOT pick 9 - Google Cloud Storage!
  • Enter Your Google ID
  • Enter Your Google Secret
  • Just press enter when you are asked about Service Account File (or don't, if you know what you are doing...)
  • N < for headless machine
    • NOTE: If on a VM or the actual machine with an interface (GUI), select Y.
  • Enter Your Verification Code
  • [Json Question] if you see this, leave it blank and press enter!
  • N < Configure this as a team drive?
  • Y < If asking all is ok?
  • Q < to Quit

YouTube: Unencrypted RClone Install Video

You should have something like this configured in the end

View attachment 10

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