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Discussion Rclone GDSa Sync Script


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Hey guys,

as I am using multiple online copies of my ISO repository, I'd like to keep them in sync.
At the moment I am using rclone sync via a Windows VM in task planner.

But I keep hitting the 750GB limit....

Does anybody have a solution which utilizes GDSa's? Perhaps even a docker, so I could retire my Windows VM ? :)

Any help appreciated.


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I like Backups :)
If I learned something in my 15 years in IT, then it's the value of Backups :)

I currently have my files (130TB) in 4 redundant points. 3x online and 1x offline in a NAS cluster.


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Little Follow-Up to you fellow scripters.... I can't get the sasync thing to work with crontab.

In my putty shell it works if:
cd /opt/sasync
./sasync set.all

There are different sets to call where the parameters are stored. So the script "sasync" has to call these "set files" to work.

How can I pack it into one line or to work with crontab in common?

Heeelp :)


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Try testing if the script is executed at all :)
There should be no problems with executing scripts with external calls, aslong cron have the proper permissions.


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Ya, that's my main problem... I can run in with these 2 steps, or if I'm in the working directory /opt/sasync, but can't mange to get it working in one line....


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Please show me the cron file. Think it has something to do with the option you are using and not using ""

Have you remembered to chmod the file with execution?

Normally i will use something like this, so i have the logfiles in file format and not in mailbox.
*/10 * * * * "/opt/sasync/sasync set.all"  >> /var/log/script_output.log 2>&1

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