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RC1 is good to go. Did 2 wipe install tests and utilzed different conditions to catch any issues (after fixing things). Mostly, this fixes the info for people who do not have traefik installed, fixed false postives, and for those wanting to use a second harddrive. The fixes took about 7 hours; so was fun.

  • Added
    • Ensured that folders are created with the correct permissions if 2nd HD is utilized
    • Startup Menu: Error Control was added and display if Traefik is not installed (incase bonehead uninstalled traefik)
    • Domains/Traefik: User exits with no version of Traefik Installed, it reminds them again!
  • Changed
    • Fixed Solo HD Domain setup in settings; would go to wrong area prior
    • Adjusted Traefik startup variables, would give a false positive
  • Removed
    • Ansible Duplicate Key Error Gone
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  • Changed
    • Fixed broken 2nd HD Link
  • Removed
    • Dummy RClone File, this caused problems for some and wasn't needed!
  • Added Password Notice if using Duplicati
  • (SOLO HD) Improved Notifications
  • (SOLO HD) Added Troubleshooting to the Menu
  • (SOLO HD) Added Server Information to the MENU
  • Added
    • Stopped the HTML folder from being left everytime you execute PG
    • (SOLO HD) automatic creation of folders when selecting the edtion under /mnt/unionfs
SOLO HD Version is being able to use only 1 drive and no google drive. Good for small collections; or watch and delete@

  • Added
  • Improved Solo HD Version, ready for testing
  • Fixes made to mp4 conversion (check wiki) - credit: allergictopineapple
  • duplicati role added by Mr. Wens
  • Clean up some of the menus
  • Added checkers to Solo HD Version (First BETA for it)
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