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Hello, thanks for responding promptly to my forum post. I also couldn't find the answer to my other question so I thought i'd reach out.

If im using Google Cloud with Free Trial credits for my PGBLITZ server what are my options when I run out of credits? I know I can run PG Cloud and create a new server, but im wondering if there is a process where everything can be backed up and restored onto the new server?
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Also to add to this, if you are using PGShield, deploy it before you start installing the apps, that way it doesn't have to rebuild all the containers when you load PGShield. Same goes for traefik.
I usually do (in this order)
1-PG Clone
3-Port Guard
4-PG Shield
5-PG Vault (restore app's data from backup)
6-PG Box (deploy apps)


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This probably isn't the best topic to post this but anyway:

I just had a look at GCE and saw the 300$ credit during the test period of 12 months.
After doing some calculations I saw how pricy GCE is, about 50$/month for a 2-core, 5GB VPS - don't even know if storage was included or not tbh.

Is this the normal price or am I doing something wrong?

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