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qBittorrent-VPN Environment Variables


Junior Member
I'm hoping someone can help me. I installed qbittorrent-VPN but I can't figure out how to set the Environment Variables according to the github wiki. Any ideas?


Respected Member
You have to go to the portainer page (portainer.yourdomain .com) - stop the qbittorrent docker. click qbittorrent to open the docker, and then there should be a Duplicate / Edit button - click that, then you should be able to click on the 'Env' tab under 'advanced container settings'
adjust your variables, click 'deploy the container', and then say ok to the warning about replacing it - it should then start the new / edited container.


Junior Member
In order to make it work, I needed also to delete the "Plexguide" network in the container... in case of your webUI should not show.


Junior Member
Thanks, @DrgnFyre and @notorius28 It looks like I have it set up now. I selected Neatherlands as my connection for my .OVPN file and I see the VPN provider IP starting with 212 in the logs. The only thing that looks off (different from the WIKI article) is that qbittorent-vpn is listing on port 8080, but the WIKI says it should say 'listing on port 8998' and if it doesn't there may be a problem with my VPN configuration. How can I check that?

On one hand, I've had success just using NZBGet and newshosting and easynews, but I pay for PIA already so getting qbittorrent working with that VPN (and using jackett with sonarr/radarr) would be a good thing to do, right? On the other, maybe I shouldn't bother with it due to the risk/hassle of torrents?

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