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hey there

i'm beating the sh*** out of radarr for the past 2 days and i can't get it sorted out. my radarr is just doing weird stuff.
yes, i did a fresh install (honestly about 3x) and imported stuff but for some reason still struggeling.
so please somebody post your config (screenshots or what tab, what setting) so i can make sure my settings are the same.

i'd like especially to see your renaming and if u use nzbdrone or not and how your radarr works with nzbget (maybe post your nzbget categories as well)

for me radarr is renaming the folder even i have rename disabled so basicly i have all the content 2x, one with DL/Release name and once with radarr naming

i'm also on discord if someone's willing to chat.



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making progress here

do for now i do download the stuff under /mnt/downloads/nzbget/movies
and via script addon (flatten.py)

i then move after unpack/flatten the file to /mnt/move so it gets queried.

as for radarr: original titles will most likely not work, still investigating that, but for now i might just work with RSS and other tools instead of sonarr (see @SpencerUk quote :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:)


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I use NZBget with Sonnar/Radarr and Sonarr4k/Radarr4k and don't have any issues with my uploads etc. First thing that sounds odd to me is that you're using a script, I don't use any scripts since both sonarr and radarr have built-in completed download handling they shouldn't be required.

Scripts were needed before with couchpotato etc as it didn't monitor the downloads once they were handed off to the download client, but now that shouldn't be required.

the categories in NZBget need to match the settings you have set in Sonarr/Radarr in the Download client section. What will happen is that you put a TV show/Movie in the web app, it will search your indexers and then find the releases. It then passes those to the NZBget, which will mark it with the category you set in the settings. NZBget will download the files and if it has any problems errors, Sonarr/Radarr will monitor the progress and if it fails it will search for a repalcement if you have that turned on in the settings, otherwise when it finishes NZBget will mark it as complete.

Then Sonarr/Radarr will see the release as complete (it will be sitting in the /mnt/nzbget/downloads/completed/tv (or movies) folder at this point, then Sonnar/radarr will move the folder to /mnt/move and rename it in the process to however you have the renaming setup in the app. I just use the default and it works fine, but you can modify the way it renames if you wish.

Once it has moved the file to mnt/move it will start uploading to Google Drive and plex will scan in it as soon as it hits /mnt/move as it's part of the unionfs.

Both sonnar and radarr should be set to /unionfs/tv (or movies) to properly move the folders to the right place (/mnt/move)

I am on discord as well if you need a hand, I'm not an "expert" but I've been using Sonnar and Radarr for years and good grasp on how the flow should work.


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So I've only just seen this!, sorry

The only differences between this and my Radarr4K config is

1) the movie path is different
1080P is /Content/Movies
4K is /Content/4KMovies

2) The Profile In Radarr is called 4K (Bluray 2160p)

3) NZBGet category for Radarr in which it downloads
1080p = Movies
4K = 4KMovies

EDIT: It should be noted, I'm still running 7.6.x
Will be attempting an upgrade next weekend once I've read....actual change logs and guides....wait what are they on here xD


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