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Discussion Plex Subdomain Not Working


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When navigating to https://plex.mydomain.com I get, 404 page not found. All other subdomains such as ombi and radarr work just fine. In Portainer I noticed the advertised_IP was set to https://myip:32400 so I changed it to https://plex.mydomain.com:443. Also under Labels traefik.frontend.rule was set to plex.Not-Set and there was no traefik.protocol. I changed the frontend rule to plex.mydomain.com and added traefik.protocol and set it to https. I have since redeployed traefik several times and done some reboots but I still get the 404 error.

I am using cloudflare which I know is setup properly since all other subdomains are working and I had this working on a test Plexguide server.


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ok, so undo everything you have done and go with the default pg setup for plex.

Check out my post here regarding how I setup Plex to work properly with Cloudflare https://plexguide.com/threads/confused-regarding-traefik-instructions.3353/#post-19486
I have seen that post before and have everything setup exactly the same. I know my cloudflare config is solid and my settings in plex are correct. It appears to me that Traefik is not doing it's job with plex.

When I redepoy Traefik all of the containers are rebuilt except for Plex.


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Got it working

I backed up plex, uninstalled and reinstalled. Confirmed plex.mydomain.com was now working. I then restored from my backup and it still works.

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