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Discussion Plex Showing Duplicate Subtitles for TV Shows


Blitz Sergeant
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All of my apps are using the latest versions, but something odd has been happening the past 4-5 days with Plex. Almost every TV show is displaying duplicate subtitles for a given episode and I cannot figure out why since it's been working almost flawless for a long time now. My only guess at this juncture is that the latest Plex update screwed up something.

I'm currently using Subzero and Bazarr as a backup. The only information I found online was to perform a, "Plex Dance." That didn't work when I tried it on one TV show, so I definitely don't want to risk wasting time rebuilding the library for a few days if the issue still persists.

Anybody else experiencing this issue and know of a solution?


Blitz Sergeant
This issue is caused by Subzero Plugin and the solution is to set

How strict should these subtitles existing on the filesystem be detected=loose.

Do not pick ANY or you will experience this issue and it will drive you mad.

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