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Guides Plex on G-Drive


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I'm new here and I would like to make plex work on google drive. I've been roaming around on the forum for an hour but cant any tutorials or anything so can someone guide me to where I'm supposed to be looking.




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depends on what you want to achieve. also it would be helpfull to know your knowleadge of linux and your understanding of what pgblitz is and what i can do ;)


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im bit of a newbie but ive had plex with seedbox.

i know that gdrive in unlimited storage and i need a vps to download stuff and storage on gdrive


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as @MrDoob wrote above, check out the basics, read trough the wiki and watch youtube videos. it's all explained and you should be able to be up and running in a couple of hours


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i watched on of the video and understood how to install plexguide on the vps but dont get how to link it to the g suite and plex


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you can't expect to receive a driving license just by watching people drive a car
you can't expect to become a programmer by just watching one youtube video

you need to read, study, understand and try and error.

i'd recommend you to watch more videos, read the wiki and it is all explained there


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The wiki and the videos of setting up plexguide and then pgblitz/move basically walk you through step by step. If you can't understand how to achieve that with those resources then this is probably not the best option for you.


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Heh. Lots of "RTFM" here.
When you install the pgblitz script, following the instructions on https://pgblitz.com/threads/plexguide-install-instructions.243/ it will ask you whether you are using a local drive, a "standard" Google Drive (Gdrive) or a Team Drive (Tdrive).

Assuming your video files are already on the GDrive, then you will have little problem answering the questions, as you're already familiar with how Google authentication and the GDrive works.

The script will install mergerfs which (very basically) will make the files on the GDrive look to the OS as if it is part of one large, local drive. While you do not need to fully understand how that works to get it up and running, you'll probably learn some about it as you install and maintain the server.
I am far from a programmer but I got a vps and and a domain name and g suite I watched found this forum and wiki joined and within 1 hour was up and running with massive amounts of content being moved between plex and g drive I would say watch the videos start with first step stop video do step start video go to step 2 stop do it and go forward it is laid out so easy I give much kados to the people behind this project I have learned so much since I started afew months ago the biggest thing is do not be afraid of command line google and ask questions Thank you again to everyone involved with pgblitz


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. and , are your friends ;)
Happy to hear your happy

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